Contested Divorce

A contested divorce will normally be heard in the High Court, although the case can be transferred to the divorce county court. In a contested divorce, both partners should always consult a solicitor. As legal fees can be very high if there are long disputes regarding the divorce, it is advisable to try and reach as much agreement as possible prior to going to court.

Once a divorce petition has been made to the courts, it is a strong indication
that the marriage is unlikely to be repaired, as at least one of the parties in the marriage believe that it is over. Providing that at least one of the facts of divorce have been established as grounds for divorce then it is extremely difficult to contest a divorce.

There are some very limited circumstances under which one of the parties of the marriage can prevent the other from getting the divorce however it is extremely rare for the criteria for these circumstances to be applicable to a given divorce situation.

Rather than trying to contest a divorce, you may want to speak to your spouse and see if you can prevent the divorce by fixing whatever problems there are within your marriage. If you do choose to contest a divorce, you are likely to incur large legal expenses, and are also unlikely to win.